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costruiamo motori e motociclette straordinarie : le Nembo 32
we build extraordinary engines and motorcycles : the Nembo 32s
nuovosito_nembo_29_nov_2018001001.jpg campaign-ended.jpg new, all-carbon Nembo 32 iperleggera concept

When in 2008, I roughly sketched, for the first time, a new motorcycle based on a totally new architecture, I had clearly in mind to create also a new upside-down engine for using its structural crankcase as a unique platform to whom bolting any other part of the bike, eliminating the traditional chassis.

My main goals were saving weight, reducing the number of the parts of the motorcycle and getting the style I love.

That made sense to me because I was going to power the bike with a compact 2 liter engine, in order to get any possible benefit from its torque, its power and its consequent sweetness of response. And keeping the final production motorcycle under 160 kg overall dry weight, of course. Really a big challenge… So, no chassis at all.

With the “less is more” concept as guide, any single part of the bike had to perform at least two functions, wherever possible. As first action, the engine also works as chassis.

The Nembo 32 you’ve seen so far, is very close to that original aim, but since I started to imagine its scheme, I already knew how to develop all the further steps.

So, this is the new step I’ve designed: the “all carbon” Nembo 32 “iperleggera”.

Its Hossack style “kind of” front-end contributes to centralize the sprung masses moving also the front suspension shock absorber towards the center of gravity and so reducing also considerably the front-end unsprung masses. This extremely lightweight front-end performs four different functions, in addition to all the recognized benefits of this kind of front-end. The seat sub-frame is also eliminated for the same purpose.

At the first glance, the carbon body shell looks like the body of the current 32, but its shapes are rather different. As well as in the classic one, it hides many parts and has enough room, yet, for hiding a water cooling radiator, if the engine will be water cooled. All that is for keeping neat the shape of the bike.

The carbon body shell has so the well known big front air “mouth” which allows a strong airflow to be conveyed down on the engine and under the seat. That adds comfort to the rider, coupling it to the other benefit of the 32: being the engine upside-down, the hot parts are quite far from his legs.

I’ve estimated a further overall weight reduction till 140 Kg dry, not far from reality.

Thanks to the new parts, to the next engine development and to the weight reduction effect given by both the extreme centralization of the masses and the unsprung masses reduction, the “iperleggera” will be more agile than the already light and nimble current 32.

Then, consider 210+ Nm and 200+ Bhp: I bet it could deliver a lot of fun. A sort of fun which is friendly and accessible to a wide range of riders, because the big engine displacement allows a sweet delivery of torque and power already at low revs.

You can see a good part of the solutions of the “32 iperleggera” in the 3d rendered image I’m publishing here. Yes, it’s a render, but any part is accurately and parametrically designed and so, ready to be built. It’s not just a digital vapour concept. Also because, it’s based on the current Nembo 32 “classic” and that proves its feasibility…

No big numbers production are planned for the Nembo 32 classic or for the iperleggera, since a small scale high-end production (about 200 per year) is more suitable for them.

Dear investors, you’re welcome: the Nembo 32 and the Nembo 32 “iperleggera” are ready to start as the core of a high-end, made in Italy, brand. A brand which can range towards other high-end automotive products too. And beyond, of course.

Daniele Sabatini
 A really unique new motorcycle